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B. Harris Kids is a non-profit organization started by tennis professional Briana Harris. Briana has worked to help introduce tennis and educational programs to under served kids. Her lifelong ambition has been to give back after being helped by so many on her road to becoming a success in tennis.

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Since we've started B Harris Kids, over 100 kids in Sarasota, Florida have been helped. The kids come from all walks of life, a multitude of backgrounds, and range in age from 4 to 16. The one thing that's been a common thread is that they have never had the type of opportunity that we've presented. Instead of summers where the possibility of getting into trouble was very real, they are now exploring the world of tennis and sportsmanship. Every hour that we keep these kids off the street and learning this sport, is an hour where we have either saved a life or contributed to the possibility of success.
Our organization works strictly off of donations and grants. The organization, though small, is growing quickly. It is run efficiently with 2 employees and a multitude of volunteers. Costs are transparent and kept low because we are focused on directing funds to actual activities for the kids. We've learned that delivering experiences for kids can have a profound effect on them lasting a lifetime. Donating is easy and is as rewarding for the kids as it is for our sponsors.

What They're Saying

There's been no shortage of positive words for B Harris Kids. That's because we deliver for the kids in the program. Whether it is the USTA, local businesses in Florida, or individual contributors, they've seen the work we've done in such a short span of time.
Briana is introduced to the sport of tennis by her dad, 1968 Olympic Boxing Champion Ronnie Harris. She immediately falls in love with the sport and becomes successful eventually going pro.
Briana graduates from Ohio State University
Briana develops the concept of B Harris Kids, an organization dedicated to growing the sport of tennis and bringing opportunities in tennis to kids who would have otherwise not in been exposed to the sport
Briana launched B Harris Kids at the Robert Taylor center in Sarasota. B Harris Kids starts in the summer of 2018 with 100 kids and over $20,000 in donations from multiple donors. The program and charity to a larger extent is a testament to the work of multiple benefactors and volunteers.
The USTA Florida recognizes the work done by Briana and donates $3,400 to the organization. This first donation is part of a capital plan to build the tennis organization into one that helps grows tennis and exposes the sport to kids who may not have the means or opportunity to participate.

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